Coaching Professional Level 5

Optimise organisational performance through progressive leadership skills  

There is growing demand for managers and leaders at all levels to develop the skill of coaching.  Coaching is a key skill which can be used in one-to-one situations, with teams, and is an important ingredient in the development of an organisation’s culture, engagement and process for governance. 

Coaching is an underutilised management tool which improves organisational performance, culture & engagement and the wellbeing of staff.  Richmond’s coaching programme has been developed to optimise organisational performance through effective management and leadership coaching. 

The Institute of Coaching cites that over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. They also reported that a huge 86% of companies feel that they recouped the investment they made into coaching plus more on top. 

Why Coaching?

Enhance organisational performance by improving the capability, resilience, and confidence of operational & leadership teams. 

Effective coaching is performance focused 

Proven to improve performance of individuals, teams, and organisations. Coaching is an under-utilised management technique which creates trusted relationships between individuals and organisations.  Within the culture of trust, organisations can create environments of professional challenge which leads to creativity and improved levels of culture & engagement. Coaching has the potential to enhance resilience and wellbeing and helps individuals reclaim self-belief and feel more capable of operating effectively in their environment. 

Richmond support leaders to feel empowered, capable of delivering improved results through operating collaboratively and with spirited innovation. Our team of coaches’ support individuals to develop precise coaching skills and techniques which improves conversations in the organisation and in turn, performance. 

Coaching offers the opportunity to lead in a non-directive manner, helping people to learn through deep listening and reflection, asking open questions rather than giving instruction or suggestions. As a result, people take ownership and personal responsibility for their work and how it meets the principles of the organisations purpose. 

A meta-analysis by the Institute of Coaching highlighted coaching programmes improve performance, skills, wellbeing, resilience, attitudes to work, and motivations to develop. Our coaching programme develops agile, confident leaders, capable of steering their teams towards organisational success. 

How your organisation can benefit

  • Capacity
  • Resilience
  • Organisational Performance  
  • Empowers Workforces
  • Develop Skills 
  • Transition
  • Transformation
  • Foster Growth Culture 
  • Supports Leaders
  • Employee Engagement
  • Staff Retention 
  • Agility

We are a team of professional training experts and skills coaches supporting you to solve the issues of productivity in your organisation.

What Will Participants Learn? 

Our programme focuses on the philosophies of coaching, core coaching activities, advanced listening and questioning techniques based on neuroscience, models, and theories of coaching in the workplace.  

It will cover all the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required to be a successful coach equipped with a toolkit to respond to a wide range of coaching scenarios and is ideal for those who have had little or no previous formal coaching or mentoring training.  

Key Features  

  • Online & mobile learning  
  • Content developed by experts in coaching 
  • Engaging blend of learning material 
  • In workplace learning, which can be applied immediately 
  • Support from a coaching expert for each learner 

How Participants Will Learn

If you have several managers within your organisation that have the same needs then we can run this programme as a cohort including a combination of face to face, virtual and blended sessions. 

Our 12-month programme, followed by an end point assessment, is delivered, and accessed online or via our mobile app. The programme is a blend of bite-sized, knowledge and learning sessions, complemented by-weekly with online coaching sessions, making it a convenient and flexible learning experience where participants can develop their skills without having to leave the workplace. 

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