Why would you let fear stop you from achieving the best results?

Would you let fear stop you from career growth or your dream job?

Fear of mathematics is an overwhelming emotion, that’s why it’s essential to approach it the right way.

Maths as a science has a solid logical aspect and no matter what methods you use to solve the problem, ultimately it should take you to the same – only the one right result. 

All apprenticeships have a requirement to complete mathematics and English to a certain standard, and these requirements are the functional skills of apprenticeships. When learning maths, you must start from the foundations and develop your understanding of the simple rules, to allow you to improve your skills further with more complicated problems.

Common thoughts

‘Oh, I hate maths’.

‘Never knew how to calculate it’.

‘Never been good at maths in school’.

‘Can’t help my children with maths homework’.

‘Why would I need maths in my job?’

If any of the above seems like your own statements, take a moment to find out about our approach to maths skills development.


With the use of modern technology, engaging learning platform and easy to follow resources, tackling maths is no longer a time-consuming process. No lecturing and boring classroom activities that you may remember from school.

To best support you to develop your knowledge and improve your skills, we use various methods to assess your starting point.  This helps to ensure that we can agree a learning plan that is unique to you.

  • Initial and diagnostic assessments. You will be asked a series of questions on various maths topics. It is important that you don’t prepare for the test in advance and that you don’t look up the answers while being assessed. It must be an authentic and real picture of your abilities. At the end of the assessment, you will receive your individual diagnostic results providing you with the current level of your knowledge at which you have assessed. This will identify areas for development.

  • Your individual Learning Plan. Based on the results of the assessments, you will agree your individual plan which will include topics you need to develop.  The aim is always to develop you to aim higher and to achieve the highest level possible. There is much more than just completing the online activities. You will be allocated a dedicated skills coach, who will discuss your assessment results and will be supporting your development during monthly sessions.

  • Activity target setting.  Month on month you will be supported to improve and develop your understanding of maths.  Once all the activities identified are completed (online and with a skills coach), you will be asked to complete to mock exams. These are to prepare you for the actual exam which you will not be expected to sit until completely confident and ready. Your skills coach will support you and will mark the exam papers and will share the results.

Maths as a Functional Skill

Our learning journey ensures that the functional skills programme and activities are tailored to your individual needs and abilities. You can complete your learning in small, bite-size topics, at anytime, anywhere.

We all use maths skills in our daily life – even more than we realise.

Cooking? Using recipes? DIYs? Traveling time? Rearranging your garden or home improvements? Mortgage rates? Discounts? You name it.

Percentages, Fractions, Areas, Volumes, Probability, and much more – it’s all around us we can help in developing your skills with no stress and anxiety.

Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t let fear stop you from improving your knowledge and skills.

To talk to us about apprenticeships and functional skills, call today on 01244 344322 or enquire online.

Blog by Joanna Kaminska, Skills Coach at Richmond

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