During the winter our immune systems become weaker and less able to fight off viruses.

The cold weather also makes dealing and managing with health conditions harder, sadly it can put pressure on our hearts and circulation. 

????‍♀️ Moving more has many benefits such as keeping your spirits up, helping you to sleep better and keeping your muscles and bones strong.

???? Staying warm inside and outside the house. Make sure the heating is on at a steady temperature during the day. Reduce drafts where you can. When you leave the house make sure you have extra layers on.

???????? Eating well is important for your immune system. If you’re fed up of the same old meals, why not try new recipes. Drinking plenty of fluids like water, juice or cups of tea will keep you hydrated.

???? Protect the ones you love and others by wearing your mask, washing your hands, avoiding any close contact with anyone who is unwell.

❤️ Staying in touch with family, friends and neighbours and your community will brighten your days.

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