I have found the use of OneFile a thoroughly engaging and highly informative learning tool; specifically, in its ability to transfer knowledge online during the COVID pandemic where face to face teaching is not viable.

The use of OneFile, through Richmond Training Centre, has allowed me to gain qualifications in both the Mental Capacity Act and End of Life Care.

These are both essential qualifications that must be not undermined in the administration of safe and effective care practice. Hence, OneFile has ensured that both myself, and colleagues alike, are succinctly educated
and informed of the issues surrounding these topics, such that the correct and most appropriate form of care is given to the respective service user.

It must also be highlighted that OneFile was incredibly easy in providing feedback and answering questions that were put forth to the trainers.

Thorough and informative feedback was given after the submission of each module assignment.

This feedback also ensures competency in my application of care; it must also be stated this was a completely easy and smooth process. Likewise,

OneFile will continually allow myself to gain qualifications and provide the necessary support for learning and development in my job role. OneFile, and Richmond Training Centre, have filled the void of face to face teaching and engagement, a process that is not easy, and they have done this seamlessly and professionally during this pandemic.

Hence, to conclude this section, I believe it entirely appropriate and deserved to once again highlight the outstanding and professional approach taken by Richmond training in the application of OneFile. This online learning tool has provided knowledge, resources and allowed engagement with training staff; all of this done in the best interests of the care providers and their respective service users.

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