Management and supervisory roles have always been best suited to individuals who are able to find ways to implement corporate strategies by engaging team members, providing a sense of purpose and helping individuals to develop their own career paths.

The shift towards remote and hybrid working models in recent years hasn’t changed these management fundamentals, but it has added another layer of complexity.

Pressure from above

Burnout is a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion caused by prolonged and excessive stress. It can affect your health, In 2023, organisations are aware of employee wellbeing and the need for a healthy work life balance. Of course, this hasn’t led to a complete absence of pressure in the workplace. The most successful companies have always been made up of individuals who thrive on expectation and are motivated by the sense of achievement that comes with exceeding expectations.

Managers expect a certain amount of pressure. But when they’re working from home or otherwise isolated from their team, it’s important that steps are taken to ensure the expectation on their shoulders is inspiring rather than suffocating.

Business leaders must, therefore, provide adequate training to help remote management learn leadership techniques. This enables them to manage teams from afar with greater confidence – and ensures that their teams benefit from a focus on wellbeing while working from home. Because managers walk that same tightrope of motivating their team to perform to the highest possible standards without making things feel like too much of a burden.

When a manager is on the receiving end of such an empathic support process, they will cascade it down to their teams so that support, encouragement and a shared goal becomes a culture, not just a set of techniques.

Pressure from below

It is obvious to say – but many of us just don’t take breaks. Sometimes it is harder to do so when working from home. But it is really important to schedule regular breaks throughout the day to relax and refresh your mind and body. I echo all the advice about doing stretching, breIt’s easy to always focus on the pressure managers are put under by their bosses. But as the bridge between the staff and the senior leadership team, managers can also feel pressure from below.

Remote working has the potential to make individuals feel disengaged from the organisation or from their team. It also presents a risk of there being less of a personal relationship between managers and their teams.

Soft skills such as communication, decision-making, team building etc remain key items in a manager’s toolbox. All that is changed is the way in which these skills must be implemented for maximum effect.

Long gone are the days when managers ruled by fear. For years now, we’ve understood that galvanising a team spirit and being there to support staff are equally as important as being able to educate teams and set realistic yet challenging targets.

The challenge now is for managers to create that same team spirit within distributed teams and to be approachable to team members who may only see them infrequently and not have built up that sense of dependability and camaraderie that was easier to gain when everybody was working under one roof.

Coaching apprenticeship for a growth culture

Richmond is a specialist training provider delivering bespoke professional and personal education to leadership teams.

Our coaching apprenticeship equips managers with the skills and knowledge required to become agile, confident leaders capable of steering teams towards organisational success in a supportive environment.

Strong leaders increase capacity and resilience while empowering a workforce to achieve challenging targets. They foster a team spirit that makes people feel part of something bigger and ensures that everybody feels valued and appreciated. Individuals working for strong leaders are inspired to forge career paths that align with corporate goals and aid staff retention.

The importance of managers in creating the right working environment cannot be overstated. And the same goes for the importance of businesses in providing learning opportunities for managers that enable them to do their job to the highest possible standards whether their team members are in the same office or a different country altogether.

To talk to us about creating a tailored training package to support your managers in effectively leading hybrid and remote teams, contact us on 01244 344322 or enquire online.

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