We are thrilled to showcase the inspiring success stories of our Skill Bootcamp completers. Have a read of their exciting journeys and reflections on their journey into the Health and Social Care industry.


Thoughts on Week 1

I truly enjoyed the initial week of the course. It was remarkably honest and informative right from the start. Mark’s expertise as a tutor is evident, showcasing his extensive knowledge and experience in the Health and Social Care sector.

Having worked in the Health and Social Care Sector around 15 years ago, I realise that a lot of skills and behaviours have changed.

This Skills Bootcamp has served as an excellent opportunity to familiarise myself with the latest skills and practices, enabling me to stay updated and competitive in the field.

End of Programme Reflection

I found the course incredibly enlightening. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others interested in entering the healthcare field.

Having Mark as my tutor has truly made a world of difference. His consistent support from the beginning to the end of the course has been very impactful on my development.

After I find employment in the sector, I’m determined to climb the care career pathway. My goal is to pursue further qualifications while progressing in my career. Richmond has been an incredibly supportive training provider at this starting point of my journey.

Course: Skills Bootcamp in Health and Social Care
Location: Liverpool

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